Pallet racking inspection requirements

Is it a legal requirement to have an annual racking inspection?

Currently, there are no guidelines to say that it is a legal requirement to have an annual racking inspection. But, if you do not get your racking inspection on a yearly basis, you are breaching the advice from HSE’s.

The guide provided by HSE’s suggests that it is the warehouse owners legal responsibility to maintain the safety of their warehouse – which of course includes the racking as this can become a health and safety risk for employees working alongside and nearby the racking.

Why should I get a yearly racking inspection?

Many people question why they should get a yearly racking inspection as it is an additional cost for the company and if everything looks okay, it should be okay. But wrong! Here is why you should invest in carrying out annual racking inspections:

  • Saves the company money in the long run as any repairs can be fixed early.
  • Instead of having the whole racking system replaced because of one bit of damage that could have been fixed if found early, it is worthwhile.
  • Protects employee’s safety.
  • Ensures that palletised goods are safe.
  • Just because it looks safe, doesn’t mean it is.
  • You may not have noticed any damage that a racking inspection might.

Other inspections

As well as pallet racking, if your warehouse has any other storage systems installed in it, they will also need inspections to ensure health and safety for your employees and as well to protect the palletised goods. This includes a mezzanine floor, industrial shelving etc.