Studio Flat Wolverhampton

Why a studio flat in Wolverhampton is the perfect home for a young professional…

Having spent three years living with other people, most Uni leavers are looking to finally have a place they can call their own. But with daunting rent prices that are rising every year, many people are turning to house shares or god forbid moving back in with their parents. There are a plethora of uni leavers who are back to where they were at 18 but now have a full-time job. Having your own place, however, is not beyond the realms of possibility. A studio flat in Wolverhampton is a cheaper alternative to your own flat and has many benefits that a lot of people don’t think about.

Studio Flat


Firstly, a studio flat is possibly the cosiest little home you could have. With most studios having central heating and having just one room, there’s a real warmth that comes from staying in such a small place. If you’re worried about feeling lonely when living on your own, a studio flat will soothe all those worries due to the snug and secure nature of the flat.


Although many people enjoyed the party atmosphere of halls or a student house, it can be quite draining to continue this into your working life. A good compromise is a studio flat, where there are good co-working areas, community events and a shared kitchen but also your own private space away from the noise if you just need your own time to wind down. It’s the perfect compromise.

Easier to clean

It is so much easier to clean something that is half the size of a whole flat. There really isn’t much more to say other than when your mum comes to visit, she will be astounded by how clean the apartment is and it will have only taken you 10 minutes to clean.


The rent in Wolverhampton city centre can range anywhere between £100 to £200 pw. With a studio flat in Wolverhampton, you can afford to live in a high-class postcode. Imagine waking up at ten to nine every morning and still getting to the office five minutes early.  And better yet, not only is the rent cheaper but the bills are cheaper as well. As studio flats tend to be newbuilds, they tend to have higher energy efficiency rating and therefore need less energy to heat them. This is furthered by the fact that you’ll be living on your own and you have complete control over how much energy you use.

Easy to furnish

Finally, your friends will come over and think you’re an interior design God. With less money being spent on rent and bills and less room to fill, you’ll be able to really splurge on the lush sofa that you spotted in the shops the other day. The whole flat will have a little more “you” about it; you’ll be able to really put your mark on your space. And if that’s not an attraction, I don’t know what is.

Remember, when it comes to a home, it’s quality over quantity and a studio flat is the best way to achieve this.