The Uses Of A Gloss Meter

Gloss is the ability of any surface to reflect light without distributing it and it is measured using a gloss meter. You get gloss intensity by directing a light beam of constant strength at a fixed angle to determine the amount of light it reflects at an equal opposite angle. There are many types of gloss-meters which are used of various materials including metals, plastics, metal and even paper.

A typical gloss meter comprises; a standard source of light which directs a light beam on a surface and a filtered detector which is designed to receive the rays reflected from it. The gloss meter provides a standard for measuring gloss intensity that ensures consistency by determining precise illumination of a surface.

Uses of a gloss meterGloss meter

– It is used in the automotive industry as a quality control measure that ensures consistency in manufacturing processes. The applications for the gloss measuring device in the automotive range from the repair shop to the factory floor.

– The device is used by yacht as well as consumer electronics manufacturers to ensure that the intended gloss standard is achieved with all their products.

– The paints and coatings industry is a major user of the gloss meter because it helps them in gloss intensity determination on their products.

– Gloss paper manufacturers have to maintain a high standard with their products and while they depended on the human eye for that in the past, the gloss meter has proven more accurate and reliable to provide much-needed consistency.

– It is an effective device for the furniture industry because it allows measurement of the sheen intensity of products before they are presented to the client.

Buying a gloss meter online is a great idea for then you can easily shop around for high quality and affordable devices. If you decide to buy online, read user reviews of various brands to facilitate the choice of the best quality.